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Why Finalyze?
Streamline drawing and slides presentation
Presentations are never a one-way street activity. With the pen-enabled tool, it transforms passive listeners into active participants, fostering a more immersive and memorable experience.
Versatile presentation tools
We understand that there are many ways of presenting and there is no one size fits all, hence we want to give advisors the flexibility to convey complex financial concepts to clients easily.
About us
We are a group of highly motivated individuals who want to help advisors in their daily presentations with clients. We realised that content management in presentations can be tough and advisors may face challenges when simplifying big concepts for clients to understand and take action. Hence we are working together to bring you a flexible yet powerful data driven presentation tool, to help guide you and your clients through various complex financial topics.
Jerald Gan Tang Chow
Chief Executive Officer
Chen Yanhan
Lim Zhi Yuan
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